These terms and conditions apply to our Mobile Mechanic Services, Vehicle Engine Repairs and Scheduled Logbook Servicing. Our Mobile Mechanic service provides the customer with an alternative to going to the garage. Our labor is warrantied for 60 days or 10,000 kms and parts are subject to manufacturer’s warranty. All services and the procedures used to complete the services are done in accordance with published Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW) Realistic Times. Should a 3rd party garage identify that our service or parts used during our service, are inaccurate, Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd will retain the right to provide the customer with written or visual documentation that all proper procedures were followed. Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, will not refund the cost of our service, nor will Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, be responsible for incurring the cost of any service redone by a 3rd party garage or mechanic, deemed improper by a 3rd party garage or mechanic, without consulting MTA NSW Realistic Times Labor Guide and Estimates first. Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, will not be responsible for any damage or damages, personal or vehicular, caused by our services and/or procedures. Unless without a reasonable doubt and documented by a 3rd party insurance company, Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, cannot be held responsible. No warranty on customer supplied parts. This includes labor. All electronic invoices subject to 5% late fee if payment is not received within 48 hours of receipt, compounded every 2 days. Warranty is non transferable. No warranty on steering repairs without proof of alignment. Once an estimate has been agreed to, it is implied that these Terms and Conditions have been read and agreed to.

 Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, reserves the right to void all small engine warranties should operator error be a factor.

 24 Hour Urgent Call Terms and Agreements

Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, will not be responsible for ANY damages caused as a result of our Battery Boost, Lock Out Service or Flat Tire Change and Repair.

 Mobile Tire Service Warranty Disclaimer:

This site as well as its services is not responsible for the condition, care and control of your vehicle. This site and its services will only install on your vehicle, tires which you as the owner deem to be safe and correct and that the owner of the vehicle has made the effort to maintain. We do not maintain, recommend, or provide any vehicle products for your vehicle. Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, this site or its services is not responsible for lost or stolen tires that are left by the owner or customer in a designated spot for us to put on their vehicle as well as the tires we leave once the change has happened. We are not responsible for damages to vehicles or driveways caused by normal and reasonable tire change services, including damaged wheel lugs and depressions and marks on driveways. Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, will take every precaution in preventing depressions in, on and around the work area. We will torque lug nuts to your manufacturer’s recommendations. Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, will not be responsible for any damages (personal, vehicular, even death) should the customer not contact Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, to notify them of their eligibility and availability for the torque check.

 Pre-Existing Wheel Damage

Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, is not liable for pre-existing damage found at time of tire change. This damage includes but is not limited to: Damaged tires, damaged threads, bent or damaged studs revealed once lug nuts are taken off, stripped lug nuts, damaged rims or tires, body damage or scratches, over torqued lug nuts which can damage the vehicle and stud. If Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, cannot remove a tire due to rust, over torqued lug nuts, or any other obstruction, the customer will be referred to the nearest tire changing facility. No charges billed to the customer for the visit should any of the issues present themselves. Our Service Specialists are MTA certified and trained. That being said, even when following manufacturer’s directions, conditions can exist, that can result in damage to vehicle’s under-body, when lifting your vehicle. We endeavour to exercise every precaution when servicing your vehicle.

Customer is responsible for informing the technician of separate/different lug nuts for winter/summer rims and/or spacers that may be required to effectively complete the tire service. Should the customer be using different size tire or rims, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have done the proper research and that the new tires/rims are suitable for their vehicle. Should a customer fail to provide proper parts or inform the technician, Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, will not be liable for any damages to property, vehicles, bodily injury or death.

Terms of Service and Warranty Information for services completed.

“SERVICES COMPLETED”  Includes Parts and Installation. Warranty subject to manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note that Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd does not manufacture any products. Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, provides and installs parts and/or product.

Should you encounter any issues with any product or service provided by Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, the following warranty applies:

  • All products installed by Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to your receipt for warranty information. If you encounter an issue, you can always call us for information
  • Extreme weather may prevent Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, from replacing certain items. When it’s really COLD, plastic breaks. We’ll do our best to let you know ahead of time.
  • Should you, the customer feel that something during Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, installation process has caused any issues, please contact us immediately.
  • The electronic communication between Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd and the customer is a legal document. When funds and services are confirmed by both parties, the electronic communication is a binding agreement that protects Equipt Mobile Mechanics Pty Ltd, and most importantly, the customer.


Appointments may be subject to rescheduling if extreme weather conditions exist on the day of your appointment. We follow the weather closely and will use every means possible to stick to our schedule. The safety of our staff is very important to us. Nobody’s safety or well-being is worth risking for business. Extreme conditions include but are not limited to snow amount, extreme precipitation and outdoor temperatures.